Shit happens deal with it and move on.

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have you even been in a group of friends but you’re not actually in that group of friends and you’re just


seriously if I just vanished I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t make a difference at all

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I check my phone at least 20 times a day hoping you’ve messaged me. You never do.


Text messages, facebook, email. Always checking

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"I feel so shut out, I’m always homesick. But when I get home. I find it’s something else I’m longing for."

- Ingmar Bergman, Autumn Sonata (via byn-s)

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Just for once, I wish someone would grab my hand and stop me when I walk away.

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I choose to love you in silence
for in my silence I find no rejection.

I choose to love you in my loneliness
for in my loneliness no one owns you but I.

I choose to adore you from a distance
for distance shields us both from pain.

I chose to imprison you in my thoughts
cause in my thoughts, freedom is for me to decide

I choose to kiss you on the wind
for the wind is gentler than my lips.

I choose to hold you only in my dreams
for in my dreams there is no end…



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Beautiful ^_^

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